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Our network in Norway

Norwegian Church Aid is pleased to have a good working relationship with a variety of other organisations in Norway.

We are particularly focused on strengthening our relationships with churches, congregations and diaconal organisations.

Norwegian Church Aid is an ecumenical organisation. Our “owners”, or constituency, consist of various church-based organisations in Norway. You can read about our constituency here.

In the context of our annual fundraising campaign, the Lenten Campaign, we have entered into special partner agreements with some of the organizations in our constituency. To date, we have separate agreements with the Baptist Union of Norway, the Methodist Church and the Free Evangelical Congregations of Norway. We have also entered into partner agreements in the context of the Lenten Campaign with the Norwegian Seaman’s Church and KIA (Christian Intercultural Work). Norwegian Church Aid hopes to develop partner relationships with other organisations concerning the Lenten Campaign.

Read more about NCAs international network here.

Published: 26.08.2008

NCA in figures

  • Employees in Norway: 138.3
  • Employees abroad: 768
  • Turnover in 2012: NOK 724.3 million
  • Administration costs for 2012 = NOK 47.9 million (6.5 %)