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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive about Norwegian Church Aid.

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How much of the money reaches the recipients, and how much is spent on administration?

To achieve the best possible results we strive to ensure quality assurance and control. Our goal is to spend less than ten per cent of our budget on administration. For 2013, the distribution of costs was the following: administration 6.4 %, procurement of new funding 4.0 % and development cooperation 89.6%.

There are no hard and fast rules for calculation of administration costs. For example, Norwegian Church Aid calculates salaries for all employees at head office as administration cost. Consequently, the costs of administration by Norwegian Church Aid may appear higher than in some of the other organisations. Norwegian Church Aid spent 6.4 % of its funds on administrative purposes in 2013.

Why does Norwegian Church Aid not offer sponsorship schemes or remote adoption?

Norwegian Church Aid does not provide the opportunity to give support to individual children because we believe that this will give rise to relationships of dependency and because it rarely creates any change in the local community. Children are part of a family and a local environment, and we believe that children can best be helped by giving assistance to their community as a whole. The administration of sponsorship schemes is also costly.

Why cannot a donor decide to support a specific project?

Norwegian Church Aid does not earmark individual donations towards specific projects for two reasons: it is costly in terms of administration, and may give rise to imbalances by attracting much support for popular and “marketable” projects, and less for basic projects such as the establishment of sanitation systems for the supply of clean drinking water. On the other hand, Norwegian Church Aid has a system that allows for earmarking of donations for certain topics/regions. Funds raised for emergencies are also earmarked.

Does Norwegian Church Aid engage in proselytizing?

No, we seek to realise compassion in practice, through working for the basic rights of all human beings.

Do you have to be a Christian to work for Norwegian Church Aid?

No, but all employees must respect Norwegian Church Aid’s Christian set of values.

What is Norwegian Church Aid’s position on the issue of women as clergy, homosexuality and such?

Norwegian Church Aid does not take a stand on such contentious ecclesiastical issues. We wish to engage all people across all boundaries of religious affiliation and theological viewpoints to show charity through efforts to secure the basic rights of all human beings.

Is Norwegian Church Aid engaged only in delivering emergency relief aid?

No, Norwegian Church Aid is engaged in three forms of work that complement each other as efforts to achieve a better world. We work to save and protect lives during emergencies (disaster relief), with long-term aid projects and through advocacy campaigns.

Is Norwegian Church Aid engaged in political issues?

Norwegian Church Aid is independent of party politics, and is involved in efforts to help those who suffer and are oppressed – irrespective of the political sides to a conflict. In addition, Norwegian Church Aid seeks to influence the decisions made by authorities and the business community on issues that impinge on the political, economic and social rights of poor people. Read more about these efforts under the heading Advocacy.

Published: 26.05.2013

NCA in figures

  • Employees in Norway: 138.3
  • Employees abroad: 768
  • Turnover in 2012: NOK 724.3 million
  • Administration costs for 2012 = NOK 47.9 million (6.5 %)