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Worst drought for 60 years

Over 13 million people on the Horn of Africa are affected by serious drought. Somalia is the worst affected, and NCA is now distributing food to over 60,000 people for the next 6 months.

Carcases litter the landscape in Gedo province, Somalia (Photo: Laurie MacGregor/NCA)

UN sources estimate that as many as 13.3 million people are now affected by drought and food shortages accross the Horn of Africa. The situation is described as the worst for 60 years.

"The population in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya need all the help they can possibly get from the international community," says Gaim Kebreab, NCA regional representative for Somalia/Kenya.

What we are doing

In Somalia

Norwegian Church Aid is among the very few organisations that are able to work in the hardest-hit areas of Somalia. NCA has had people on the ground in these areas for many years, and we work through a strong local network that ensures rapid and effective action.

Our activities are saving lives and helping ensure that fewer people feel that they must leave their homes in the search for food.

  • During the next 6 months we will distribute food to 60,000 people in Somalia.
  • We are distributing water to 100,000 people.
  • A container with protein food supplement BP5 is being distributed in Somalia.
  • We are also distributing a special nutritional compound (Unimix) to undernourished children

So far, 6000 internally displaced persons in 38 of 44 regions in Gedo province have received food aid in the form of corn, rice, sugar and cooking oil. These are the first monthly rations of many; a total of 670 tonnes will be distributed over the next 6 months.

Monthly, 232 tonnes of food will be distributed to 2700 particularly vulnerable residents accross Gedo province.

In Mogadishu we are hard at work drilling wells to supply tens of thousands of people with clean drinking water.

This family has walked for five days through Somalia to reach the Ethiopian border. (Photo: Laurie MacGregor/NCA)

In Ethiopia

In the refugee camps in the Dolo Ado area of Ethiopia, on the Somali border, our focus is on delivering clean water, sanitation and hygiene. Around 120,000 refugees are currently living here, and water shortages in the area are extreme.

  • In Dolo Ado we are drilling wells to provide clean water. The plan is to provide four wells for the refugee population and four wells for local inhabitants in the host community.
  • We are distributing parcels to camp residents containing sanitary items
  • We will install around 50 latrines in the camps
  • Together with partner LWF, we are conducting hygiene awareness activities.

In Kenya

  • In Mandera district in northeastern Kenya, we are distributing protein food supplement BP5.

In Kenya. Norwegian Church Aid is lead agency for the ACT Alliance forum, which is currently planning a 12-month-long relief operation. The first six months will see food aid and clean water for household use and schools, while the second six months will focus on rehabilitation.

The aim is to reach out to 42,000 people with:

  • Water to 1000 households
  • Food coupons to 2000 households
  • Distribution of fresh meat to 4000 households

Our church-based network

NCA works primarily through churches and other religious partners across the Horn of Africa. We work together with both local organisations and our sister organisations through ACT Alliance. We work closely with the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), for example, in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The LWF administers the world's largest refugee camp in Dadaab in Kenya. Here, they have a full-time staff of 110 who work tirelessly and enthusiastically in very demanding conditions.

  • Read more about the LWF in Dadaab here.


  • Gaim Kebreab, NCA area representative for Somalia/Kenya, tel. +254 733 609 936
  • NCA press hotline: +47 932 42 493 

Published: 13.07.2011

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