NCA Executive Leadership Programme

The NCA Executive Leadership Programme is designed to help leaders succeed in meeting the expectations outlined in the Global Leadership Platform. The programme applies to leaders with full responsibility for staff, results and budget at all levels of the organisation. The programme consists of five modules, and runs for eight months.


The goals for the programme is to empower our leaders to:

  • Live the values
  • Be visionary and strategic
  • Provide efficient day-to-day management
  • Promote a safe and healthy workplace

The programme is online and broken down to modules designed to accelerate the learning process through diverse learning activities. Internal and external experts will share their insights and opinions through webinars and recorded lectures. We have established co-operations higher education and research institutions ready to create a perfect learning experience for all participants.

To complete the programme learners need to attend a learning-group, and together with the group work through all five modules. Each module consist of interaction with peers and programme experts through webinars, workshops, colleague-labs, on-the-job training and mentor-conversations. In addition to the interaction part each module consists of self-studie, as e-learning lectures, tests and assignments.

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