Current position: Manager Human Resources & Admin, Pakistan

What motivated you to choose a career with NCA?

Many people consider that work is something that is different from your values, from your passions and from your interests which actually is not the case. I wanted to be able to do job that is aligned with my values & the things that I believe in & make best use of my skills and abilities in an open & enabling working environment that can lead to a positive impact on society and it drove me to choose a career with NCA.

What motivates you in your job in NCA?

For me the reason of motivation in my job with NCA is that every employee is respected and his or her contribution is considered imperative. NCA is an organization where you will be encouraged, feel strengthened and happy.

Although I have only been with NCA for a short time, I have found NCA, its working environment and colleagues to be wonderful. My only regret is that I wish I would have started working at NCA much earlier 

How would you describe working in NCA?

If I describe working in NCA in one word it would be “awesome”. What makes NCA stand out is that every single employee has a part in its success. We are very team-driven & we work in a way that keeps collective objectives ahead. Everyone at NCA is smart, energetic and supportive. This is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference in world. We at NCA love what we do & it reflects in the strong relationships we have built with our communities and partner organizations.