Overcoming Violence

Stories of Gender Based Violence

Dr. Parveen Saif

Religous leader

Dr. Parveen Saif

As an author Pakistani Parveen Saif chooses to let everything she writes be connected with the rights of women. In this way she tries to contribute to women’s voice being heard in the decision-making processes.

In addition to being an author, Parveen is a poet, a politician on the local level, a social worker and a homeopath. Through her work in the local society she has observed women being crushed and subjugated. – The opinion of women are not being approved of, and that destroys many homes, she argues. She is particularly concerned with women taking part in decisions: - In decisions processes the man has top priority. If men do not listen to women and give them their rights at home, how shall we reach the level where they listen in official decision-making?