Overcoming Violence

Stories of Gender Based Violence

Qazi Wasu-Ur-reman

Religous leader

Qazi Wasu-Ur-reman

Qazi Wasu-Ur-rehman is an Islamic teacher from Shinkiari in northern Pakistan. He is one of a few leaders in the local society who consecrate love marriages. He gets a lot of protests for that.

Qazi Wasu-UR-rehman thinks that many women are being oppressed, either from their husbands or their families, and he is dedicated to speak in favor of women’s cause in many places. – We have to do our best to talk positively about women’s rights.

Forced marriage is one form of gender based violence that is widespread in parts of Pakistan. Qazi Wasu-UR-rehman has on several occasions contributed to preventing such marriages. Since few religious leaders in the area conduct marriage based on love, he offers the ceremony for free.

This is a controversial choice that bring about many accusations from people in the local community. – I have bee harassed, but I will never give up!