Overcoming Violence

Stories of Gender Based Violence

Syed Nawaz Ali Shah

Religous leader

Syed Nawaz Ali Shah

Based on attitudes and lack of knowledge men regard themselves as better than women, says Syed. As a teacher of Islam he is concerned about talking women’s rights when he lectures from the Koran. 

Syed lives in the village Malik Pur in northern Pakistan, and he works with women’s issues through the organization Kwendo Kor. As a mediator in the village committee, he has seen lots of cases of violence against women. – As long as there is lack of knowledge and awareness of rights, people will continue to commit such kinds of cruelties, he thinks.

He is particularly engaged in women getting their right-based inheritance; in some places in Pakistan women are refused inheritance on a religious basis, and for Syed this a misunderstood interpretation of the Koran.

That is why he gives much of his teaching time in the mosque to talk about this topic, and every Friday he has around 6-700 listeners. - People were very uncomfortable with this during the first Friday prayers, but little by little they learnt to understand, he tells. – Women are ready to get their legal share of the inheritance and be treated as equals, it is high time this should come real.