Saving lives

Norwegian Church Aid strives to deliver the required aid at the right time, and provide the support that is most required at any given time. At the same time, we strive to strengthen the ability of the local communities to handle crises and preserve their dignity.

Norwegian Church Aid’s emergency preparedness division coordinates and directs this work. We are specialized in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene, psychosocial work and logistics and procurement. In an emergency situation, NCA staff can be dispatched to the field immediately. In addition, the team can enlist extra personnel from a separate emergency roster, meaning that extra resources are available when the need arises.

You can read more about the emergency preparedness roster here.

Read more about our international emergency response network here.

Norwegian Church Aid’s emergency response team cooperates with ACT Alliance and works in close coordination with the organs of the UN system.

We take our responsibility seriously, and we strive to always work transparently and in line with international accountability standards. It is important to us that local communities can complain if they feel our work is not relevant for them, and we involve them in the planning and the implementation stages. We also work to ensure that the elderly, single mothers, the disabled and other vulnerable groups are reached by our activities.