Creating jobs and self-employment for youth in Puntland, Somalia

Inspires young people to opt for self-employment.


Graduation Ceremony of NCA supported TVET Graduates at Garowe Vocational Training Centre (GVTC).

NCA Somalia Program aim to train young men and women on technical, vocational, business and entrepreneurship skills relevant to supported value chains and promote business development services. Youth are supported to get marketable, and demand driven Vocational Skills to support themselves and strengthen the local community. In collaboration with GVTC, NCA Puntland office supported 85 youth to have access to marketable vocational skills and gave them startup kit. The objective of this project was to create jobs and self-employment for youth by training vulnerable young men and women in Puntland state of Somalia. The project was funded by Grieg Foundation Norway, and implemented by Norwegian Church Aid through Garowe Vocational Training Center (GVTC). 

In addition to the skill training offered, the trainees were provided start-up toolkits to enable them engage self-employment activities. The training courses inspired trainees to opt for self-employment and to enter the job market. The indirect number of beneficiaries (market actors and family) will be much higher. The impact of the project activity had been realized prior the student graduation, whereby a good number of the trainees had started earning daily wages by installing electricity and water pipeline systems to newly constructed buildings; this was an evidence that the project has already realized its overall goal which was to "Create jobs and self-employment for youth by training vulnerable young women and men in Puntland in vocational, business and personal skills"

On the 1st of September 2021, NCA together with GVTC and Puntland state government attended the graduation of the 85 TVET student who had completed 7 months (Feb-Aug 2021) period to pursue different vocational training skills (Electricity, Henna and Beautification, Tailoring, and Plumping) at GVTC. High calibre government official who attended the ceremony were; State Minister for Education (MoE) and Deputy Minister for Women Development and Family Affairs (MoWDAFA).

Startup kit distribution

During the ceremony, trainees received certificate of achievement and start up kit for their respective skills offered. 25 trainees received start up toolkits for electricity and solar installation, 22 for beauty salon equipment, 20 received plumping toolkits and 18 received tailoring and garment tools, including tailoring machines, accessories, and clothes.  

Picture4 TVET.jpg

TVET graduate receiving certificate of achievement.