NCA is getting ready to help the earthquake victims in Afghanistan

NCA is currently working to get an overview of the extent of the damage and looking at how we can best respond with humanitarian aid to the earthquake victims in Afghanistan.


"A strong earthquake is devastating in a country that is experiencing severe drought and where half the population is already dependent on humanitarian aid. Together with our partners, we are prepared to offer help in the affected Paktika province," says Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General of NCA.

NCA has been providing emergency and long-term relief work in Afghanistan since 1979.

NTB_dspegLfrpH0 (1).jpgPhoto: NTB/AP

"With almost a thousand people so far registered dead, we can already determine from experience that the extent of the damage is large. In such a situation, we have a great advantage from having been in the country to help the Afghan people for decades, and together with our partners we are ready to offer assistance to those who need help the most right now," says Høybråten.