New CSE Toolkit

After two years of work NCA are happy to announce that we have developed a new Comprehensive Sexuality education toolkit (CSE) that can be uses both in long term and a humanitarian setting and in and out of school.

CSE Toolkit.jpg

The toolkit is also available digitally trough the learning platform FABO. The NCA CSE toolkit facilitates development of accurate and age-appropriate knowledge, attitudes and skills that contribute to positive relationships, health and well-being, and respect for human rights and gender equality for adolescents.

The toolkit follows the UNESCO guidelines for CSE. The toolkit gives trainers and facilitators a full fledge age-appropriate lessons under the eight different themes. 

The toolkit has tree manuals:

In a world where too few young people receive sufficient guidance about physical, social, and emotional development as they transition from childhood to adulthood, there is an urgent need for high quality, curriculum-based comprehensive sexuality education CSE (Unesco 2022). NCA  hope that this new toolkit will contribute to increase the number of young people getting access to CSE.

If you have questions about the new NCA CSE toolkit you can contact us on the following address: