The Great Silence in War

On Thursday, May 4th at The Nobel Peace Center, Norwegian Church Aid invites you to one of the most meaningful events you can attend in Oslo this spring.

The seminar is now full

Rape and sexual abuse carried out by soldiers is one of the most common wartime weapons. It is deliberately used to destroy the lives of women and children and in most cases the perpetrator is not held accountable. This has to change.

Using rape as a weapon of war must be treated as a war crime and those responsible have to be brought to justice. Without accountability there will be no end to this kind of brutality.

At this seminar we will look at the extent of wartime rape and sexual abuse, what is being done to protect those that are most vulnerable and why the majority of these perpetrators are not brought to justice.


We will also look at how Norwegian Church Aid’s partners are working to address this issue and what Norwegian authorities can do to make sure that the international community is better able to prevent these brutal war crimes.

We have invited some of our partners who risk their lives to help the women, adolescents and children that have survived rape and sexual assault. They will share insights and their own life experiences to help shed light on this often silent weapon of war.

Special guests:

Dr Dennis Mukwege, renowned Congolese gynecologist who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times and is one of the leading experts in the treatment of physical and mental injuries after sexual violence.

Ilwad Elman, Somali-Canadian social activist who returned to Mogadishu after her father was killed to continue working with child soldiers and raped girls at the Elman Peace and Human Rights Centre.

Saja Michael, works with the Beirut-based ABAAD Resource for Gender Equality where she focuses on the prevention and protection of women and girls, primarily with refugee communities coming from Syria.

Mustafa Abdulrahman Qasim is responsible of NCA`s family support center in Northern Iraq that provides psychosocial and mental health services to women, girls and children that have been rescued, or managed to escape, from ISIS.

Laila Bokhari, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Anne-Marie Helland, Norwegian Church Aid’s Secretary General

The seminar will take place at the Nobel Peace Center (Brynjulf Bulls plass 1) and will start at 12.30 PM and go until 4.30 PM.

This seminar is free but you will need to pre-register with the form below before May 1st to confirm your attendance as there is limited space.