The purpose of evaluations and research conducted by NCA is first of all learning and adaptation. In order to enhance NCA’s humanitarian and developmental work, we need to understand what we have achieved in the past – and where major challenges still lie ahead.

As of 2021, evaluations and research projects in NCA follow a “PATH”. PATH is an acronym for Preregistered, Accountable, Transformative and Honest evaluations and research. By following the PATH framework, we ensure that all evaluations and research projects conducted by NCA are as objective and scientifically rigorous as possible.

As a data-driven and results-based organization, high quality evaluations and research are seen as prerequisites for the constant improvement of NCA’s work and how the organisation evolves over time. At the same time, evaluations and research also function as a crucial ingredient in establishing long-lasting and meaningful relationships with local right-holders, partners, and donors.

Below you can download and read reports from both individual programme interventions and NCA’s global evaluation and research programme.

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