Gender Justice: Endline Evaluation

Malawi. May 2017.

REPORT ON JOINT END OF PROJECT evaluation for gender justice.pdf

Program overview

Gender Justice Programme (2014-2016) has been one of the three priorities of NCA Malawi with the goal of “Contributing to reduction of gender-based violence by promoting gender equality and empowerment in Malawi”. The programme has two components: Human Trafficking Project and Human Rights and Theology Project. Both are aimed at contributing to greater recognition and respect for women’s and children’s rights.

Evaluation overview

This is an end of project evaluation that was undertaken based on four criteria: Effectiveness, Relevance, Efficiency and Sustainability.

Key findings and recommendations       

The Human Trafficking Project has made progress in preventing human trafficking, protecting victims of human trafficking and capacity building of judicial and law enforcement officers. There has been high level engagement with government/policy makers/legislature and national level coordination. Stakeholder mobilization, sensitization, and awareness at national, and community level, community mobilization has led to increased stakeholder response to human trafficking. However, the knowledge gap is still prevalent. The capacity of service providers has been strengthened to identify persons as potential victims of trafficking, although victim services are not adequately available. Also, the capacity of judicial and law enforcement officers has been strengthened for them to effectively investigate and prosecute cases.

NCA should extend the Human Trafficking Project, but it should be aligned with National Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons (2017-2022). Other recommendations made in this evaluation are to focus more on downstream rather than upstream interventions and choose programme packages for scaling-up. In addition, one should plan to address root causes/drivers of human trafficking to the extent possible through linkages with Economic Empowerment programme, partnership with NGOs/Act Alliance members and/or other like-minded NGOs and strengthen M&E systems.