Global Report on Results




Vulnerable people’s life conditions improved in a challenging context

In Somalia, the situation during the last four years has shifted from periods of relative peace and political stability to political turmoil and insecurity. Working with Somalia requires a high level of sensitivity to the changing contexts and flexibility in programming, a balancing act that NCA staff and partners have managed well, demonstrated by a continuous presence and work in the troubled Gedo region. In 2012, Al-Shabaab, which is fiercely opposed to any Western intervention, banned food aid in the areas it controls (some of which are NCA operational areas) and kicked many relief organisations out. Al-Shabaab imposed severe sharia law on women and banned a total of 16 agencies. Despite this move, NCA was able to continue its operations uninterruptedly due to community support. Existing community structures, in which NCA has invested, provide essential platforms for local ownership as well as legitimacy for NCA’s continued presence in Somalia.

Despite an extremely challenging context, NCA and its local partners have achieved a number of results in sectors such as livelihood and trade, GBV, peacebuilding and WASH. Particularly through the WASH programme, NCA had an important impact reaching 559,200 rights-holders with improved water access and securing appropriate sanitation facility access for 124,400. The programme enhanced coordination between the public and the private sector of sustained water management, and built the capacity of Somali partners and communities on emergency preparedness and response. More importantly however, safe access to potable water and appropriate hygiene behaviour resulted in improved health and a safer and more dignified environment for girls and women.