Partnerships for Change

In 2018, NCA strengthened its partnerships and coordination with local implementing partner organisations, other NGOs, religious actors, host governments, donors and the private sector. 

NCA has contributed to coordination through active engagement in ACT forums,sup­porting alignment of ACT through joint offices and pro­grammes and other coordination mechanisms. NCA has supported local partners by developing their capacity and enabling them to be part of a vibrant civil society. It has strengthened partners’ professionalism, programme development and advocacy capacity. Through support from NCA, local partners have been able to open space for civic engagement to hold governments accountable to their constituencies.

Partnerships for capacity development 

During this period NCA has developed and implemented capacity development plans with selected core partner organisations in all countries. 

Partnerships for a more vibrant civil society 

Empowering civil society organisations, faith actors and rights-holders to advocate on behalf of marginalised and impoverished communities is a key mandate for NCA. 

Partnerships for joint action 

NCA is an active member of the national ACT forums in all countries it has a presence, often hosting the forum’s secretariat.