Work in Norway

Every year, NCA arranges large-scale fundraising campaigns during Lent in the lead up to Easter and during the Christmas season. In these campaigns, NCA receives a great amount of support and help from our supporters, which includes a unique network of churches and congregations across the country. The non-earmarked funds that are raised are crucial in allowing NCA to carry out its important mandate: To save lives and seek justice.

The highlight of 2018 was when Dr. Denis Mukwege, our long-time partner in Congo, received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Nadia Murad. This was a golden opportunity for us to highlight our important and dedicated work with gender-based violence. We were able to achieve broad visibility and had many successful collaborations with partners in the church network and the rest of civil society. NCA stood out as a clear and visible operator in combating gender-based violence. 

The attention generated by Dr. Denis Mukwege also gave us the opportunity to make adjustments and better align the Christmas Campaign with the Noble Prize. The result was a successful campaign that raised NOK 27 million (USD 3.3 million).

The 2018 Lenten Campaign took place March 18–20 and 1,105 congregations from all around Norway participated. Approximately 30,000 people volunteered their time to walk with collection boxes to help raise funds for NCA’s international work. The result was NOK 31.5 million (USD 3.9 million). The Lenten Campaign also has a political component and this year the theme was CLIMATE CRISIS = WATER CRISIS. The political demand that we made was that Norway must reduce its emissions. One of the world’s first urban water crisis took place in Cape Town in January that year, which was brought on in part by climate change and drought. The political campaign was able to create high visibility for NCA.

During the summer, NCA played a prominent role at the Olav Festival in Trondheim with several seminars and two visual photo and experience exhibitions. This was a great opportunity to meet with our network and gave us an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness about NCA and our work. We received positive feedback regarding our presence at the festival and were given a prominent platform as a faith-based organisation in the development community. The photo exhibition received a lot of positive attention and was called Ser alt du er (See everything you are) with photos from NCA’s Photographer, Håvard Bjelland, and captions by the Norwegian poet Trygve Skaug.

Working to combat climate change and advocating for more fair climate adjustments for the world’s poor is an important aspect of NCA’s advocacy work, both in Norway and internationally. A key theme in 2018 was to increase the focus on Norway’s revised climate goals for 2020. We were able to have many environmental and development organisations show their support for our demand that Norway’s next climate goal should be to reduce emissions by at least 53% before 2030.

Internationally, we have mostly worked with climate negotiations under the auspices of the UN. We achieved breakthroughs for many of our requirements during negotiations in regards to Norway’s climate financing regulations. Climate change is also a topic that our church network has a strong commitment to. For the 2018 and 2019 period, NCA is the coordinator of the Climate Pilgrim Project.