Tech For Peace Initiative

Digital technology such as the internet and social media has created endless possibilities, but has also created a threat to peace, democracy and lack of trust in people, governments and institutions across the world. Intolerance and hate speech spread on social media with an unprecedented speed. We need to step-up in order to counter this trend and increase the use of digital tools and promote peaceful dialogue and respect, especially in countries with violent conflict. The issue of hate speech and polarisation is merely too great and too complex to be tackled by NCA on its own, hence The Tech for Peace Initiative has been established – a cross-sectoral initiative where civil society, private sector and academia will develop methods and tools to counteract hate speech and polarisation online.

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Partner with us

A corporate partnership with NCA is an exchange of expertise where businesses and corporations play an important role in humanitarian response.

Climate Action

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Together with private sector we will take action to protect the environment and combat climate change and its impact.

Human Rights & Dignity

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Together with private sector we will respect and protect human rights, combat the shrinking space for sivil society and secure access to basic health services for the most vulnerable.

Income & Decent Work

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Together with private sector we will build skills and create jobs through innovation, value chains and access to finance, whilst fighting to end exploitation and inequality.

Our partnerships

Through our private sector partnerships, we will ensure better results and impact for our beneficiaries.