Partners for church forest/Abrahams forests

Her skal det være en ingress.


In the fight against global warming, the forest is important. We planted around one million trees in Ethiopia and almost 100% of these have survived thanks to the care of the local community. Therefore, the project is being scaled up. In collaboration with Norad - Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI), we will plant and preserve more than 1 million acres of forest in Ethiopia and Tanzania. By creating cooperation between different faith communities and local communities, this will also be a peace project, in addition to promoting alternative sources of income for over 200,000 people. 


Norwegian Church Aid has chosen Codex Advokat as its new main partner and provider of legal services. The world is founded on duties and rights. The legal industry has great influence through its professional knowledge. Lawyers must promote justice and prevent injustice. In this collaboration, we will promote sustainable development and 1 + 1 will turn to 3. Together we will achieve more! 

The long-term collaboration between Norwegian Church Aid and Codex will contribute to SDG 13, the world's joint work plan to stop climate change. Codex will provide financial support for environment-related projects, such as planting forests in Ethiopia. 


 The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa