Norwegian Church Aid in Armenia

  • Been here since: 2000 (Also supported in 1989-1995)
  • Money spent in 2015: 563.382 NOK

Norwegian Church Aid began working in Armenia in 1995. Economic justice is the main focus of our work in the country.

Beekeeping in Armenia

Armenia has a long and rich history. The final chapter in this story began when the country regained its independence after the Soviet collapse in 1991. With the violent earthquake of 1988 as a backdrop, this period brought major challenges for the Armenians: The dissolution of the Soviet Union led to economic chaos and a violent border conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan.

During this period, economic inequality in Armenia increased dramatically. Although the country has experienced steady economic growth, poverty and the divide between the richest and poorest have increased. This has led to many people seeking happiness in other parts of world, and today more Armenians live outside the country than in it.

Norwegian Church Aid implements our programmes through partner organisations. Our main partner organisation in Armenia is Armenia Inter Church Charitable Round Table Foundation of the World Council of Churches (ART). We have cooperated with ART since 2002 on a variety of topics, including HIV and AIDS, gender-based violence, peace and reconciliation, water and sanitation and community development.

Our work

Norwegian Church Aid's main efforts during 2011-2015 will be in the following area:

Economic justice: Norwegian Church Aid works with our main partner organisation, ART, to create better living conditions for poor and marginalised groups in Armenia. We do this partly by mobilising people to demand their right to participation in the country’s economic development. We are also working to provide training and education in economic knowledge, such as in starting and operating a businesses. In addition, we carry out advocacy for marginalised groups to get adequate education.

Coordination through the ACT Alliance

Norwegian Church Aid and ART are both members of the ACT Alliance. ART participates in the alliance's capacity development initiative and also works with other ACT members.

Important documents


  • WCC Armenia Round Table Foundation (ART)