Our programme in Iraq focuses on water, sanitation and health.

In Iraq Norwegian Church Aid work with refugees who have been forced to flee from the neighbouring areas, many from IS. Watch the report from the Norwegian newspaper "Bistandsaktuelt" on their visit to a refugee camp Norwegian Church Aid is operating together with our partners in Iraq:

In Iraq we focus on water, sanitation and health in the refugee camps we operate with our partners.

The work includes:

  • Distribution of emergency packages with amongst other soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and diapers.
  • Hygiene training with an emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, and elders.
  • Building latrines and shower facilities.
  • Distribution of trash cans and regular trash collection.
  • Distribution of water.
  • Installation of faucets.
  • Distribution of jerry cans for water collection and safe storage of water.

Read more about results from our work in Iraq:
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