Norwegian Church Aid in Romania

  • Been there since: 2013 (also supported in 1956-1961, 1975-1983, 1989-1995, 1999)
  • Money spent in 2015: 1.7 million NOK

85 percent of Roma in Romania live below the poverty line, in very poor housing and under constant harassment. NCA works to improve their living conditions. We focus especially on the children, who need stability, education and social security in order to get out of the poverty trap their parents are trapped in.

Petcu Ionel is 12 years old and attending the "2nd Chance School" which is one of the activities NCA supports in Romania. He dropped out of school due to hospitalisation for three months but is now learning the basic curriculum in order to be able to enrol to public school. He wants to become a police officer. Photo: Gustaf Hellsing/Church of Sweden

Poverty is a great challenge in Romania, so great, in fact, that it is visible even on the streets of Norway. 85 percent of the Roma population in Romania lives beneath the national poverty line, and the Roma remains one of the most marginalised groups across the European continent. Many live segregated from the rest of society, experience constant harassment and discrimination and have little or no education. Only one in three adults is employed, and many children drop out of school.

Begging is a desperate solution that is not sustainable and does not contribute to achieving a better quality of life. There is broad political consensus that the best solution is to address the fundamental issues that causes begging, and through our local partner, Norwegian Church Aid takes the challenges of the Roma seriously.

Norwegian Church Aid want to reach even more people in Romania and we need your support.

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Our work

Norwegian Church Aid supports a community center for the poor in Roman, a town in the Romanian region of Moldova. The center has a comprehensive and integrated approach with a focus on education and job creation, social inclusion and health services. Experience shows that change can be created together with the poor, but it requires close cooperation and daily outreach support.

The center runs a kindergarten, a school, a health clinic, education for adults and outreach health and social services. We focus particularly on children, who need stability, education and safety in order to escape the poverty trap and become active citizens. Our long-term goal is to secure the Roma population access to public schooling and health services as well as the opportunity to engage politically at all levels in society.

In the town of Roman, the Roma population has been practically displaced to four disused barns housing a total of a 1,000 people, many of whom are children. They have very limited access to water and sanitation, but Norwegian Church Aid will contribute to providing access to clean water, safe sanitation and hygiene measures that will improve health conditions and prevent the spread of diseases. 

Norwegian Church Aid want to reach even more people in Romania and we need your support.