Norwegian Church Aid in Tanzania

  • Presence established: 1965
  • Funds used in 2015: 46.5 million NOK

Economic Empowerment

In 2016 766 people established an enterprise and 251 people have increased their profits.

Natural Resource Governance

In 2016 644 people held authorities accountable.

Norwegian Church Aid has operated in Tanzania for more than 30 years and opened an office in Dar es Salaam in 2005. We have established over 200 Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) Committees to strengthen accountability at the local level during the past four years.

Selling home-grown vegetables at the market

We work to ensure economic empowerment, good governance, and peacebuilding. We also deliver clean water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Our Programmes

Economic Empowerment

We have mobilised over 94,000 people to take part and establish at least 3,440 Inter Religious Village Community Banks (IR-VICOBA) that help communities to invest in small businesses and improve their livelihood.

Tanzania has achieved a relatively stable economic growth rate and a significant reduction in poverty over the last few years. However, the rapid population growth, combined with widespread unemployment and an increasing gap between the rich and poor, presents a major challenge for the country.

Through village community banks, we help less economically privileged and marginalised people to develop their skills so that they can build assets and invest in the future. We do this by mobilising and training them on entrepreneurship skills and business start-ups. This has enabled members, especially women and youth, to not only start their own businesses, but also develop a culture of saving. We advocate for women, men and indigenous people to secure ownership to land. Our partnership with faith-based organisations also helps to promote fair trade in the country.

Resource Governance

More than 2,000 people took part in budget tracking of public funds over the past four years. This helped 26 corrupt public officials to be held to account. Our corruption hunters have restored communities' access to water. Watch the Norad-produced video beneath:

Tanzania continues to be faced with serious corruption problems. Mismanagement of public funds poses a great challenge to Tanzania’s development goal of being a middle income country by 2025. Norwegian Church Aid works for greater transparency, better regulation and more just tax rates. We train community members on budget tracking to ensure public funds are spent properly. We forge partnership with religious leaders and youth networks, so that they can play a central role in the work for social and economic justice.

Peacebuilding and Inter-faith Relations

Tanzania is often cited as one of the most stable and peaceful countries in Africa. In spite of that, the country is experiencing a rising number of militant attacks inspired by religious intolerance and radicalism. We believe that addressing the causes of conflict at an earlier stage can help avoid potential escalations. As part of our new strategy, we will support faith actors to mitigate potential causes of conflicts, and influence duty bearers to take action for peaceful co-existence. We aim to increase the involvement of women and youth to promote peace in Tanzania.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Water shortages force millions of people, mainly women and young girls, to spend hours collecting and carrying water, which limits their opportunities. Our goal in Tanzania is to improve access to safe drinking water, and improved hygiene awareness among vulnerable people.

Our partners

Norwegian Church Aid works together with Tanzanian partner organisations. This way, we are helping to build and strengthen Tanzanian civil society. Our key partners in Tanzania are faith-based institutions and religious leaders who have a wide reach and legitimacy. Our approach of linking faith-based actors with experienced resource partners has contributed towards higher competency and grassroots reach across Tanzania.

Meet two of our partners

Christian Council of Churches

Our partnership with Christian Council of Churches started in 2003. One of the biggest faith-based organisations in Tanzania, the council has achieved successful results in establishing Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) Committees at parish levels and in peacebuilding work, particularly in resolving the conflict between Muslims and Christians in Kondoa. It has also been a key stakeholder in mobilising church leaders in addressing corruption and mining injustice.

Women in Action for Development

Norwegian Church Aid has worked with Women in Action for Development since 2008 on programmes including women’s empowerment, support for orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and establishment of Village Community Banks (VICOBA). The organisation currently supports and manages more than 51 VICOBA groups with 1,428 members.

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  • Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT)​
  • Dogodogo Centre Street Children Trust
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania East and Coastal Diocecse (ELCT ECD)
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Northern Diocecse (ELCT ND)
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Northern-Eastern Diocese (ELCT NED)
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Mbulu Diocese (ELCT Mbulu)
  • Four Corners Cultural Programme (4CCP)
  • Global Network on Religions for Children (GNRC)
  • Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH)
  • Ilula Orphanage Project (IOP)
  • National Muslim Council of Tanzania (BAKWATA )
  • Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC)
  • Tanganyika Christian Refugee Service (TCRS)
  • Women in Action for Development (WIA)
  • Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)
  • Anglican Church of Tanzania​