External review of the OD Programme in Brazil

External review of the OD Programme in Brazil highlights innovative experiences on working with youth.

In 2013, a mid-term review of the OD Programme “Youth and Rights in the City” (2011-2015) was carried out, involving NCA and the six organizations that compose the programme. First and foremost, the report highlights several experiences and methodologies adopted by the partners that would deserve a broader audience. These experiences include Açäo Educativa’s process for improving the quality of public secondary education, Diaconia’s mobilization of youth through the “Youth Museum” methodology and Ibase’s participative diagostics process, where youth are producing local maps as an instrument for denouncing social and environmental challenges in their territories. Responding to one of the main recommendations of the report, en effort for systematizing these experiences will begin in 2014.

The report also pointed to several challenges for the programme, such as the need for capacity building of the partners on the issue of climate changes to be able to meet the ambitions and results, as stated in the programme’s five-year plan. A greater focus on this issue is already planned, stating with a joint seminar on “Environmental Racism”, to be held in the 1st semester of 2014.

Another important issue needing more investment is how to better include youth with disabilities in the projects. For 2014, it has been agreed between all the six partners to carry out a mapping of the status quo and challenges for youth with disabilities in the territories where the projects are carried out. This exercise should in turn provide a basis for elaborating better strategies for how to include this group and also to give a broader visibility to this often ignored issue in the communities and society at large.