Development Conference 2015

The Development Conference 2015 will be hosted on the 12th of November at Ullevål Stadion in Oslo.


Åpne i nytt vindu

Time: Thursday 12.11.2015: 09.30 – 16.00

Place: Oslo. Ullevål Stadium UBC. Entrance: Thon Hotel Ullevål.


Prof. Jefferey Sachs from Columbia University (via videolink), Erik Solheim, leader of OECD DAC, Suzanne Matale, General Secretary of Zambia Council of Churches and member of the Independent Committee for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation, will all be speaking at this years Development Conference.

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Nordic countries have often been perceived as "exceptional" in both foreign policy and prioritizing international development efforts – being "more neutral", often having a broker-role in peace negotiations, and often "breaking block" between developing countries and developed countries in order to find compromise solutions.

This conference raises the questions of whether we are seeing the beginning of the end of Nordic idealism in foreign policy and on global development issues in favor of pursuing more immediate and self-interested goals.

Why is this happening and what would be the implications of such a shift, in a changing global landscape with increasing social inequality and climate change threatening the livelihoods of billions of people? What are the alternatives, and what should be the Nordic countries' role globally?


Danish Church Aid, Diakonia, Church of Sweden, Finn Church Aid and Norwegian Church Aid are cooperating in organizing the conference, led and hosted by Norwegian Church Aid.