Practical info

The Development Conference 2015 will be hosted on the 12th of November at Ullevål Stadion in Oslo.

The Development Conference 2015 will take place at Ullevål Stadion, Sognsveien 75, in Oslo from 9.30-16.10.


Q-park car park at the short side of the stadium, entrance from Tåsenlokket in front of Thon Hotell. See point 9:

Arrival for guests:

Please use the own entrance to the UBC-room, at the short side of the stadium, with an outdoors stairway between G-sport and the parking garage. See point 2:

Travel reimbursement funds are available — please apply!

The ACT Nordic Development Conference will, with support from CAF Advocacy for Development Fund, make funds available for travel reimbursements for conference participants traveling from outside Norway. We will give priority to applicants from the Nordic countries and developing countries, but all participants are welcome to apply. Please write a short (maximum 150 words)  application stating who you are, what country and (if relevant) organization you represent, and why you should receive support to: PETER.RINGSTAD@NCA.NO

Application deadline is November 1st.