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Starry Sprenkle Hyppolite

Starry Sprenkle Hyppolite took the helm of the Joint Office of DKH/FLM/NCA, three European members of the Action of Churches Together (ACT) Alliance, in late 2016, just after Hurricane Matthew. She led a massive emergency response and developed joint ways of working and a joint strategy that continues to this day.

The strategy focuses on working with local partners to build community resilience, with programs in Disaster Risk Management & Climate Change Adaptation; Economic Empowerment & Food Security; Justice/Rights; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); and Partnerships and Quality Support. Starry has given many lectures on post-earthquake development and the environment in Haiti.  

At the end of the workday she drives out of Port-au-Prince to the home she shares with her husband, their two children, and extended family, in a rural farming community at 1,000 m elevation.

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