Hilina Abebe

Current position: Communications Coordinator

What motivated you to choose a career with NCA?

Knowing that NCA has worked in Ethiopia for four decades, especially its’ reach in the country during major emergency situations and that it continues to serve people until now. That to motivate me to be a part of NCA’s family.

What motivates you in your job in NCA?

Talking to the people NCA assists, seeing how their lives have improved and telling their stories. This I think is the best part of my job and what keeps me motivated.

How would you describe working in NCA?

NCA is where I have worked the longest so far. This is because I enjoy the working environment and the good relationships among staff but also because what of NCA’s contribution to improve people’s lives. Another aspect of working at NCA is where you see commitment from staff members, people who served for more than 20 years and there are those who joined quite recently and who take on the same amount of energy and commitment.