Complaints Handling Mechanism

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) wants to be accountable to all we meet through our work and wants to improve the quality of our work. Therefore, we are open to all complaints about our work in the countries where we operate and in Norway.

We do, however, encourage that comments and complaints about our work are raised and discussed with responsible NCA staff and managers as close to the activity as possible.

What can you complain about?

NCA’s complaints handling mechanism handles all complaints related to:

  • Our work in Norway
  • Implementation of projects, both implemented by NCA own staff and implemented by NCA partners
  • Behaviour of NCA staff and partner staff

If the complaint is not within the scope of NCA, the complainant will be informed.

Issues not covered

All internal employment conditions like salary level, performance evaluations, working area etc., will not be handled within this system unless it is considered as a breach of the ACT Code of Conduct or the Operations Manual. Such grievances should be handled on the lowest level possible through line management.

Sensitive and operational complaints

A sensitive complaint is related to breaches of the ACT Code of Conduct and the Operations Manual with referred internal policies and guidelines. This includes, amongst other, breaches to national- and international laws, international human rights law, corruption, sexual exploitation and abuse and NCA’s internal policies and guidelines.

A typical operational complaint is a complaint related to how we implement our projects. But it can also be about NCA’s work in Norway, decisions made and NCA’s political stand.

Norwegian Church Aid’s Complaints Handling Mechanism is designed to handle both sensitive and operational complaints. The system ensures that all information about sensitive complaints is handled confidentially.

Anonymous complaints are welcome. However, as anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate without compromising the confidentiality of the complaint, we don’t recommend anonymous complaints. Complainants that wants to be anonymous are recommended to complain through an NCA employee to enable us to seek and pass on information to the parties involved in order to investigate the case.

False accusations

A staff member who purposely makes false accusations about another staff member will be subject for disciplinary action.

File your complaint here:

By submitting your complaint, you accept NCA’s Complaints Handling Mechanism by which the complaint will be processed.

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