Being accountable to beneficiaries, host communities, partners and other stakeholders is core to Norwegian Church Aid's policy. Having a functioning complaints handling system is an essential part of this.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction or discontent and/or misconduct about someone or something. A complaint requires a response whereas informal feedback does not.

Why do we want complaints?

The purpose of gathering complaints from external actors is to draw our attention to things that are not working as planned, and to help prevent, detect and address undesirable action.

How to complain to NCA?

A complaint can come via a formal complaints mechanism or it can come via more informal channels. A complaint can be submitted in writing or given verbally. A complaint can be anonymous, however NCA does not encourage the submission of anonymous complaints, as they are difficult to effectively investigate. Our responsibility is to create a safe and abuse-free environment and will deal with anonymous complaints seriously because of the potential for future abuse and harm.

Click here to go to our online complaints handling mechanism.

Who can complain?

  1. Anyone affected by our work or by projects we support has a right to complain
  2. Our partners
  3. Donors and other NCA stakeholders

What to complain about?

  • Suspicion of or witness of misbehaviour or misconduct by an NCA staff member
  • Process of defining NCA public policy/advocacy position
  • Decisions related to or implementation of NCA- or partner-supported programmes
  • Issues related to the protection and security of rights holders and members of the host communities
  • Partner programme implementation (where the programme is funded by NCA)
  • Suspicion of misuse of funds/fraud

NCA will not consider and handle complaints that are:

  • Found to be malicious accusations intended to to serve personal objectives and agendas
  • Intended to generate unnecessary bureaucracy and administration by reporting issues already discussed and decided on in line with proper procedures
  • Complaints that are already the subject of legal proceedings
  • Complaints regarding projects or activities not implemented by NCA or partners with NCA support.

How will a complaint to NCA be handled?

NCA recognises that confidentiality is critical to a satisfactory outcome because it protects the privacy and safety of the complainant, the subject of complaint and other witnesses. The facts and nature of the complaint, the identity of the key participants and the investigation records are confidential. This means that access to and dissemination of information will be restricted only to a limited number of authorised people for the purpose of concluding a necessary investigation.

If you complain to NCA you will receive confirmation that your complaint has been received, and feedback about whether the incident will be investigated, within two weeks of the submission of the complaint. 

Contact information for complaints:

You may use our online complaints mechanism .

Complaints given using the online mechanism will be read by the focal point for complaints and Head of Department for Human Resources who will then forward the complaint for further processing according to our complaints handling policy (pdf, 285 kb).