Together for a just world

Norwegian Church Aid works with people and organisations around the world in their struggle to eradicate poverty and injustice. We help those whose needs are greatest, regardless of ethnicity, creed, political or religious affiliation.

How we work

Saving lives

The poorest are always hit the hardest in times of crisis. Many lives are lost each year due to the lack of clean water in emergencies. This is why we provide clean water first. Together we save lives and protect the vulnerable.

Changing lives

To be poor is to lack opportunity. But where there are challenges, we also find the best solutions. Permanent access to clean water is one of them. Together we can help people find their own way out of poverty.

Changing the world

Poverty is injustice. There is enough water, food and work for all, but global structures help keep the rich rich and the poor poor. Together we can advocate for change where decisions are made.

The Great Silence In War

The Great Silence In War

Rape and sexual abuse carried out by soldiers is one of the most common wartime weapons. It is deliberately used to destroy the lives of women and children and in most cases the perpetrator is not held accountable. This has to change.

In the “Great Silence in War”, survivors from Congo, Lebanon and Northern Iraq break the silence by sharing their stories about this often ignored war crime.

Read and see their stories here

Partner with us

Private Individual Donors

We thank all our donors for joining us in the struggle for a just world! The donations make a difference to people’s lives.

International Donors

Our international donors include embassies, ministries of foreign affairs, foundations, international corporations and organisations. 


We have several business opportunities for contractors in the countries where we operate. 


We measure and evaluate the impact of everything we do

Local AND global network of churches and faith-based organisations

Our foundation in faith opens doors for dialogue around the world

IN TOTAL 88.6% of income is channeled into change-bringing projects around the world

The rest is spent on fundraising and quality control

we make a difference

Our projects change the lives of millions of people worldwide every year. Here's just a glimpse of our achievements in 2015:

2.3 million

people in more than 20 countries recieved life saving emergency relief.


people received access to clean and safe drinking water.


people got knowledge about their right to a life free from gender-based violence.


people have reduced their vulnerability to climate change.

1.8 million

people signed a petition before COP21 in Paris for more climate justice.


women and men in six countries received health assistance.