Fighting Harmful Practices against Women

In Kalehe Territory, women face significant challenges, especially concerning their fundamental rights and safety. Discriminatory cultural and socio-economic practices make them vulnerable to gender-based violence (GBV). In response to this reality, NCA, in collaboration with its local partners and donors (NMFA, NORAD and SDC is committed to combating these practices and providing crucial support to GBV survivors.

Text is written by Augustin Bashi and Etienne Kawaya. Photos are from Etienne Kawaya.

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Challenges Faced by Women in Kalehe 

Women in Kalehe face cultural practices that limit their access to education and inheritance, often forcing them into agricultural work for insufficient pay. This precarious situation reinforces their vulnerability to GBV, exposing them to increased risks of violence and exploitation.


NCA and Partners' Initiatives in Kalehe: 

Project "Holistic Response to GBV Survivors" in the Kalehe and Minova Health Zones implemented by the Panzi Foundation: Partners' Initiatives in Kalehe:

This project aims to provide GBV survivors with medical care, psychosocial support, and socio-community reintegration. It is implemented in the Kalehe and Minova health zones, offering free services to survivors, including safe accommodation for those from remote areas.


Project "Prevention of GBV through Women's Economic Empowerment" implemented by the Eglise du Christ au Congo,ECC.

This project focuses on empowering women through basic education, awareness of their rights, and training in Income Generating Activities (IGAs).

Impact and Results:

A cash distribution recently took place (from February 5 to 8, 2024) benefiting 2018 women in the health areas of Kasheke, Nyamukubi, and Nyabibwe. These women, who had previously received training on IGAs, received financial support to start their own businesses, thereby enhancing their economic autonomy and dignity within the community.

NCA and its partners' initiatives play a vital role in transforming the lives of women in Kalehe. By addressing the root causes of harmful practices and offering concrete support to GBV survivors, these projects contribute to promoting gender equality and creating more inclusive and resilient communities.

A New Glimmer of Hope for Riziki Ruchinga

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In Kalehe Territory, where poverty and economic hardship are rampant, Riziki Ruchinga struggles every day for survival. Like many women in her community, she faces overwhelming challenges, including the temptation to resort to prostitution to support her family. But despite the hardships, Riziki refuses to lose hope. She says:

The socio-economic situation in our region is desperate. Women like me struggle every day to survive. My small business selling tomatoes does not generate enough income to cover our most basic needs. »However, a ray of light illuminated Riziki’s life when NCA intervened. She explains with gratitude: “Thanks to NCA, I received a stimulus fund of $75 for my income-generating activity. This amount offers me an unprecedented opportunity to expand my business and diversify my products.

A Bright Future

With this crucial financial support, Riziki finally sees a more promising future. “I am determined never to fall back into a life of prostitution again,” she declares firmly. “This fund has given me hope. My purchasing power is now transformed, and I can finally envision a future where my dignity and respect will never again be compromised. »Riziki’s life transformation is an inspiring example of the power of economic empowerment. Thanks to NCA, she overcame obstacles and found the strength to build a better future for herself and her family. Her story is a poignant testimony of resilience and determination in the fight against poverty and precariousness.

A New Chapter for Cibalonza Muhozi

Cibalonza Muhozi, a courageous 28-year-old female head of household, shares her inspiring story of transformation through NCA intervention.

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Broken Dreams, New Horizons

As a child, Cibalonza was deprived of the chance to go to school. While her peers attended classrooms, she was confined to domestic chores, feeling isolated and marginalized. His desire to learn was immense, but opportunities were denied him. However, in March 2024, a message of hope resonated in his church: NCA and its partner ECC offered training for adults wanting to acquire or improve their reading, writing and numeracy skills. For Cibalonza, it was the long-awaited opportunity to realize his dream of learning.

Resilience in the face of Adversity

Despite the challenges, Cibalonza fully engaged in the training sessions. But in May 2023, a natural disaster struck his community, destroying everything in its path. The loss of his possessions and the disappearance of beloved colleagues plunged Cibalonza into despair. However, with the support of her trainers, she overcame these challenges and courageously returned to her studies.

A Bright Future

Today, February 8, 2024, Cibalonza expresses her gratitude to NCA for the seed funding she received. With determination, she plans to relaunch her small business and aspire to a life of dignity and autonomy. She envisions a future where she will be able to offer a better future to her two children and regain her place in society.Cibalonza Muhozi embodies resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Her story is a testament to the power of education and economic empowerment to transform lives and build stronger communities.