Norwegian Church Aid in Angola

  • Been here since: 1975
  • Money spent in 2015: 30.6 million NOK

Natural Resource Governance

In 2016 143 people held authorities accountable.

Climate Resilience

In 2016 209 households started using better agricultural practices.

Our focus in Angola is on economic justice and women’s rights. Our goal is to strengthen civil society and reduce poverty through improved resource management.

Social monitoring work carried out in Angola
Social monitoring work carried out in Zaire province, in Mbanza Congo municipality, with CICA members Mama Sita and Mama Simia leading a women’s focus group discussion. Photo: Nelson João/NCA

Angola is rich in natural resources, such as oil, natural gas and diamonds. Still, the country is struggling with widespread poverty and unemployment at a rate between 50 and 70%. Angola’s natural resources gave the country great opportunities when the civil war ended in 2002. Today, Angola is one of the two largest oil producers in Africa. The country’s elite has become wealthy, and foreign companies, including Norwegian ones, are taking great wealth out of the country. But most Angolans are still poor. Corruption, a lack of transparency and a weak civil society all contribute to perpetuating large disparities in income.

Norwegian Church Aid works specifically to promote budget management and full transparency in public revenue and expenditure.

Our work

Economic justice: Norwegian Church Aid works for transparency in public financial management in Angola. We do this by challenging the national and local authorities and holding them responsible for how they use and distribute funds from the oil industry. Women and men receive training in how to claim their rights to national revenues. The church network is mobilised to be active and responsible in promoting reliable management of oil revenues and other benefits, such as clean water and sanitation.

Gender justice: Gender-based violence is an important focus for Norwegian Church Aid in Angola. Decades of war have resulted in a violent legacy that affects the entire society, but especially women. Norwegian Church Aid is working against gender-based violence as a structural problem. We employ measures both against domestic violence and that prevent girls from being married while they are still legal minors. Together with our partner organisations, we are also empowering women to participate in management activities and contribute to structural changes.

Cooperation through the ACT Alliance

Norwegian Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance’s international network. There are both national and international ACT members in Angola, with whom Norwegian Church Aid cooperates in emergency situations and in other situations where it is natural to do so.

Important documents


  • Action for Rural Development and Environment (ADRA)
  • Archdiocesan Commission for Justice and Peace of Lubango
  • Association for Justice, Peace and Democracy
  • Congregational Evangelical Church of Angola
  • Council of Christian Churches in Angola
  • Dom Bosco Society
  • Evangelical Church of Angola
  • Evangelical Baptist Church of Angola
  • Forum of Women Journalists for Gender Equality
  • Free Hands Association (Mãos Livres)
  • Mosaiko Institute for Citizenship
  • Platform for Women in Action