Finance and administration

Norwegian Church Aid has three main sources of revenue: private individual donors, contributions from the Norwegian authorities, and international donors.

Private donors

In 2015, we received contributions of approximately NOK 214 million from private donors. Around NOK 36 million of this was received during the Lenten Campaign, Norwegian Church Aid’s annual fundraising campaign held during Lent, just before Easter.

Public contributions

The rest of our revenue comes from Norad and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are the largest recipient of public funding among the non-governmental development organisations in Norway.

Grants from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

List of agreements with the MFA


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International donors

Norwegian Church Aid receives funding for its programmes from various international donors, in addition to funding from Norwegian private and government donors. Our international donors include foreign governments including embassies of other countries as well as other countries' ministries of foreign affairs, international organisations such as the United Nations and our ACT Alliance sister agencies, international foundations and international corporations.

Norwegian Church Aid puts an emphasis on ensuring that out programmes meet the standards of international donors and on ensuring that implementation and reporting are done according to our contractual obligations. On average, one-fifth of our annual income is from international donors. 

Comprehensive financial management systems

In 2007, Norwegian Church Aid introduced a new financial management system (Maconomy), which during 2009 was turned into an integrated system for all our offices both at home and abroad. Norwegian Church Aid’s representative offices in the field employ local auditors and keep accounts that are approved by the organisation’s Board in Norway. In addition, Norad and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs require a Norwegian audit of the funds granted by them, meaning that the expenditure of public funds is submitted to a double audit.

How NCA used our funds in 2017.

Detailed guidelines

Norwegian Church Aid’s financial guidelines comprise highly detailed management requirements that all representative offices are obligated to follow.

One can never achieve full guarantees against exposure to financial crime. However, reliable financial management systems are a precondition for being able to detect and rectify such situations should they occur.

As part of our ongoing work to combat corruption, we publish an anti-corruption report each year. In 2013 we published this report for the first time in English.

Download our Anti-Corruption Report for 2018 here (pdf)

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Download our Anti-Corruption Report for 2016 here (pdf)

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