Norwegian Church Aid’s Emergency Preparedness Roster

Norwegian Church Aid is seeking a digital platform that allows for efficient management of roster members and deployments. We need an intuitive and user-friendly roster management platform which provides a registry of roster members and that digitalizes manual tasks around member management and deployments to make our work more efficient. The roster management platform will be the main interface for information sharing and communication with the roster members.

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NCA’s emergency preparedness roster (hereafter called the “roster”) is a pool of qualified, trained personnel who are pre-selected individuals with the skills and expertise that are critical for NCA's humanitarian responses. The roster members provide NCA with the necessary human resources to ensure that qualified and trained personnel are readily available for deployment to NCA's humanitarian operations. The roster also provides support capacity to NCA's country offices, to partners within the ACT Alliance and to UN agencies.

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Roster Management Platform

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Monday 16th May at 04.00 PM

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Norwegian Church Aid HO.

Contact person:

Miriam Singhateh

Tel: +97174687