Consultancy: Review of the Cooperation of the DKH, LWF and NCA joint office in Haiti.

The purpose of this consultancy is to  review the Haiti Joint office cooperation and shape the way forward for DKH, LWF, and NCA in Haiti.

Read the full termes of reference for consultancy (PDF)

The analysis will be centered around the following three overarching questions:

  1. What are the learnings from the Haiti Joint Office cooperation so far?
  2. What are the key current issues in the cooperation, governance, and administration of the office?
  3. What are the recommendations for adapting the cooperation model in the future for 2021 onwards?

Desired Consultant profile

A consultant fitting the following profile most closely will be sought:

  1. Experience in organizational development and management systems.
  2. Experience in integration processes.
  3. Fluency in French and English including perfect ability to master sensitive topics relevant vocabulary in both languages.
  4. Capacity to work independently, while maintaining fluent communication with the Steering Committee.
  5. Excellent communication, analytic and synthesis skills
  6. Working experience in countries beyond Europe (Latin America, Africa, Asia) with humanitarian and/or development oriented international non-governmental organizations.
  7. Knowledge of DKH, LWF, NCA and Haiti would be an asset.

Envisaged Timeframe

The consultant is invited to provide a technical and financial offer for this assignment, bearing in mind the following:

The consultancy is conceived for a maximum of 25 working days and should cover a time frame from March 2020 – June 2020, in order to systematize the experience until now and include in the findings other learnings in the new Strategic Period starting in 2021. It is foreseen that the mission will comprise one trip to Haiti and one presence meetings in Europe (Berlin, Geneva and Oslo). Visa, travel costs, accommodation, and workshop costs will be covered by LWF on behalf of the Joint Office. Estimated costs should be included in a detailed budget. There is an option to join some members of the Steering Committee in Haiti the week of March 22nd 2020, or to visit Haiti with the local staff at other times. A draft report is expected by mid-May, and final report by early June.

The exact arrangements will be determined by the work plan jointly agreed upon.


  1. CV, Technical Offer and Financial Offer to be submitted to by the 4th of March.