Multi-programme Baseline Study Process Somalia 2020

The main objective of the baseline study is to collect baseline values of which progress can be monitored against the specific project outcome indicators. The consultant will also establish the pre-intervention status of each of the sectors to guide NCA in planning, implementation and strategic decision making.


Norad and MFA

Thematic area(s)

· Climate Resilient WASH (CRWASH)

· Peace Building

· Gender Based Violence (GBV)

· Climate Smart Economic Empowerment (CSEE)

· Education


· Education – Gedo (Bardera, Belethawa, Dollow, Elwak, Luuq and Garbaharey).

· Climate Smart Economic Empowerment - Gedo (Belethawa, Luuq) and Puntland (Garowe, Eyl and Dangoroyo)

· GBV – Puntland (Eyl & Garowe), Gedo (Beletahwa, Garbaharey & Luuq)

· Peace Building- Banadir, Gedo, Puntland

· Climate Resilient WASH - Norad;Daynile-Banadir and Dollow, Gedo. MFA: Luuq,

Time Frame

10th December 2020-1st March 2021

Tentative Start date

10th December 2020

Final Norad.MFA 2020 Baseline Consultant TOR 22.10 PDF.pdf (pdf)