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Frequently asked Questions

Questions: How do you envision integrating this platform with existing systems or tools currently in use by NCA and its partners?

Answer: It will be a ‘stand-alone’ system. Can be configurated with other supply chain system, e.g., information about different fertilizer... at a later stage.


Questions: Can you provide more detail on the specific data inputs that will be used to generate yield forecasts for different crops?

Answer: Historic data – collect from previous growing seasons and can provide insights about how weather patterns, soil conditions and other factors affect the crops. The data should be able to collect data from regions.

Weather data- Information about temperatures, precipitation, humidity, and other weather patterns. This can be used to develop different models.

Soil data- Data on crop management practice like irrigations, fertilizers, pest control, insights how these practises impact crop growth and yield collected from farms or other resources.

If any data on crop performance from seed provider.

If possible, connecting these data for machine learnings (algo) .


Question: What level of customization do you expect for the good agronomic practices that will be sent to farmers? Will they be tailored to specific regions, crops, or other factors?

Answer: It depends on the system. The aim is to use customization as little as possible.


Question: How do you plan to ensure that farmers have access to the platform and receive agronomic advice, given potential challenges related to internet connectivity, device availability, and literacy levels?

Answer: The system must work with low bandwidth and the system must be able to be installed on mobile phones and tablets. There will be a train the trainer program in each region to help farmers.


Question: What specific metrics or indicators will be used to determine a positive creditworthiness score for farmers, and how will this be calculated and tracked over time?

Answer: We are not going to have any money transaction. We are seeking to identify a suitable farmer profile matrix to increase successful adoption rate and ultimately re-investment rate.


Question: Are there any specific security or privacy concerns that you would like the platform to address beyond what is listed in the requirements document?

Answer: Yes, the Transparency Act based on OECD principles 


Question: How will the platform accommodate different supply chain models and configurations, such as multi-party or multi-tiered supply chains?

Answer: The platform must be able to adapt the user interface to different users and their needs. For example, a platform may allow for different access levels and different views for different user groups.

The platform may be able to adapt its functionality to different needs in the supply chain. For example, a platform can provide the opportunity to handle different types of products farmers produces.

The platform may be able to allow different levels of access and sharing of information between different parties in a supply chain.


Question: What type of training or onboarding support do you envision for different types of users (e.g. NCA staff, farmers, partners), and how will this be delivered?

Answer: NCA Staff the training should focus on how to use the system to manage and monitor the different stages. This can include training on how to input and track data, how to generate reports, and how generally to use the system.

The training can be delivered through online course, webinars, or in-person workshops. That is to be decided.


Question: Can you provide examples of how you anticipate using the export function for different types of documents (e.g. reports, contracts, invoices)?

Answer: The export function can help facilitating communication and collaboration allowing to export different types of documents.

  1. Reports in different file format excel, pdf..
  2. Contracts that can be shared. Simplify contract management.
  3. Information sharing


Question: What are your longer-term goals for the platform beyond the initial objectives listed in the requirements document?

Answer: We want to have the ability to determine the impact of our interventions in the geographies we operate in. The platform should enable long term collaborative farm management to help farmers increase crop productivity , agronomists be more efficient, and NCA can provide, together with local ag- retailers, real-time communication with agronomists and farmers.