Interactive Service Provider for Farmers Malawi

Information on business opportunities for a cloud based interactive system.

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Norwegian Church Aid is looking for a cloud based interactive platform to build a sustainable and fully traceable agricultural supply chain that will offer full transparency into source of their input supply materials for the farmers. A software that can provide data on harvesting patterns and procurement habits in the respective countries and region with the capability of sending timely good agronomic practices to the farmers based of the crops they are growing and is able to forecast yields based on crop calendar. We are looking for a platform which is accessible from a web browser or mobile application and has ability to function when the application is offline. Furthermore, we are seeking a long-term partnership with the supplier that is capable to provide capacity building both internally in NCA and externally with our implementing partners and farmers. The ultimate objective is to build a positive creditworthiness score for the farmer to access funding based on production patterns, as a result farmer bankability.