NCA is looking for private tech companies committed with a better future, but also encourages the participation of other actors, such as technical universities and non-profits, who have one or more of the following:

  1. Experience developing solutions for digital participation and expression such as:

    • Non-polarizing social media algorithms.

    • Online surveys,

    • A.I. powered online focus groups,

    • E-voting,

    • E-participative budgeting

    • Crowd mapping.

    • Digital community centres

  2. Experience using of machine learning and A.I. to collect and analyse data to inform humanitarian assistance or public policies.

  3. Experience developing solutions for “low technology” contexts such as simple smartphones, low bandwidth, and unstable connections.

  4. Expertise in applying technologies to improve accessibility to digital tools for illiterate groups, or persons living with disabilities, such as voice-to-text and text-to-voice.

  5. Experience applying technologies such as blockchain and biometrics for digital safety.

Suppliers are not required to support all requested capabilities. We aim to find the best solution to obtain each capability respectively but also encourage suppliers to demonstrate how they can provide multiple capabilities.

You have not participated in the information session but you are interested in the project? It is not too late to join:

More information about the ProTECHtion project

This project is in collaboration with Innovation Norway