Climate Smart Economic Empowerment

1.1 # of women and men with significantly increased income


The purpose of the indicator is to assess if people have been able to lift themselves out of poverty thanks to our support. The indicator is assessing whether there has been an adequate increase in income because of NCA and partners’ assistance.  



Data Source

 Surveys. Real time data collection through Magpie/Kobo or other digital systems. Key informant interviews, ref. NCA’s survey guide. 

How to Collect

Interviews to include questions about the size of the monthly income and how it is generated. Or measure increased production and calculate increased income per day, month, or year based on this. Where possible/appropriate; use real time data collection through Magpie/Kobo or other digital systems

How to analyse

What is an adequate level of “significant income increase” needs to be defined per country programme as the starting point in each country will vary. Country thresholds should be set for what qualifies as “increased income”. 

We will measure change in income primarily of the producers we are supporting. However, there may also be other beneficiaries in the value chain, such as input suppliers for example, and we should also aim to measure their change in income and include them in the result if they have significantly increased their income as a result of NCA and partners’ assistance.  

Dissagregate data by

Gender, Age

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