Faith-Based Climate Action

1.2 # of advocacy actions taken by faith-actors and communities towards duty-bearers


The purpose of this indicator is to capture faith actors and communitues willingness and ability to take aciton on climate change.



Baseline and endline. Annually.

Data Source

Faith actors and community members, meeting minutes. Relevant records of documentation (i.e.publications, petitions, proposals, media coverage).

How to Collect

Conduct interviews with the target representatives (faith actors and right holders’ representatives), assessing the number of advocacy actions taken during the reporting period.

Verify the provided information by assessing to which extent duty bearers were informed/involved. Actions that did not communicate with duty bearers do not count as advocacy actions.

To calculate the indicator’s value, sum up the number of “eligible” advocacy actions.

How to analyse

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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