Figthing Inequality

2.1 # of rights-holders mobilised for just resource governance


The indicator measures how many rights-holders we have managed to engage in advocacy for just resource governance, indicating relevance, accessibility and reach. But, when influencing decision-makers, a large number of people supporting an advocacy message could be used as an advocacy tool, hence this indicator is also meant to be utilised to legitimize and increase public pressure on decision-makers.



Data Source

Review of key meeting minutes; Headcounts during advocacy events; Petition signature lists.

How to Collect

Mobilised rights-holders include for example (gender-disaggregated data on):

  • Number of AMI participants
  • Number of community monitors in mining areas
  • Number of participants in budget monitoring groups
  • Number of Social-economic Justice Ambassadors (SEJAs)
  • Number of youth debate participants
  • Number of participants in theatre for development or other mobilising activities related to resource governance
  • Number of signed petitions
  • Number of participants in campaign activities ( demonstrations, outreaches)

How to analyse

Count total of rights holders based on activity list above. 

Dissagregate data by

Gender Age Wealth Diversity Not applicable

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