3.2 # de jeunes femmes et de jeunes hommes qui sont des travailleurs autonomes pendant 12 mois après l’intervention 


The purpose of the indicator is to assess how many target rights holders are self-employed 12 months after the intervention.  If the support is to support right holders in improve their already existing businesses or economic activities, it is possible to include an additional indicator, e.g.: “% of young men and women entrepreneurs who increase their earnings from business after NCA interventions”. 


Baseline, annually, endline.

Source de Données

Database of students/beneficiaries, surveys, key informant interviews. 

Comment Collecter

Keep track of the students and rights holders receiving support to enter into formal employment or self-employment in order to be able to contact them after 12 months to check status. 

Comment Analyser

Identify if the right holder is self-employed or not. If employed by an employer, she/he should be reported under 3.1 instead. Each country office will have to decide within their context what they decide is qualifying as self-employment (is it full time, part time, is the income level sufficient to qualify as a result etc). 

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