July 2021 - DRC

What happened: NCA staff detected irregularities related to warehouse management during control and follow-up visits during the months of January and February 2020.

What did we do: Based on these observations as well as the organization's internal rules and regulations, the NCA's Country Director in the DRC ordered an internal investigation. Two fact-finding visits were carried out by senior NCA officials to the project site in, South Kivu province.  Several interviews with relevant stakeholders were conducted during these visits. Total losses were estimated at 4. 350 USD and have been repaid to the back-donor. (UNICEF).

What did we learn: It is important to organize regular meetings with all relevant stakeholders the project area (health zone, daily workers, communities and beneficiaries) to inform them about the functioning of NCA, what is acceptable behavior for NCA staff and what is not. This was done at the beginning of the project but needs to be repeated on a regular basis throughout the entire implementation of the project.

Ensure financial and logistic monitoring are done regularly, and at least twice per year. This case reinforced the importance of an early monitoring in the year, such that breaches can be discovered and stopped before more damage occurs.