September 2019 - Nigeria

The North and eastern part of Nigeria has since 2009 been profoundly afflicted by regional armed conflicts. Repeatedly violent attacks, by extremist groups such as Boko Haram have targeted civilians. This has caused a serious protection crisis. Women and children are particularly vulnerable in this context and 87% of the persons in urgent need of protection and assistance are women and children. In this context NCA has operated since 2017 with our main focus on Gender Based Violence (GBV). NCA establishes safe spaces which are entry points for psychological support, livelihood skills support, and referral to health clinics where personnel are trained on the clinical management of rape.

Our work is funded by the Ministry of Foreign affairs (MFA) and by UNHCR. We reached approximately 32 000 beneficiaries in 2018, in addition to the establishment of several safe spaces for women and girls. 

NCA often work in countries which very rank high on the Transparency International corruption perception index. Nigeria is an example of such a country. In September 2019 we experienced a case of fraud by one of our employees in Nigeria. The case was investigated and the employee was dismissed. The fraud amounted to NOK 12 023 and has been repaid to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.