Session 2: First Line Support and LIVES

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  • Know the content of first-line support (LIVES)
  • Demonstrate skills in offering the first three elements of first-line support – Listen, Inquire, Validate


Facilitator guide


Participants handouts

Key messages

  • Actively listen to the survivor verbally and non-verbally, without distractions.
  • Inquire about the survivor’s needs and concerns, focus on what the survivor wants
  • Validate the survivor, show that they are not at fault or to be blamed, that you are there to listen and support them

Required supplies & materials

  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Pen and blank paper workbook for each participant
  • Tape, 15 pieces of paper, Markers
  • Sufficient space for groups of three to spread out
  • Print outs of activities – depending on which activities you choose

Further resources for facilitators (Optional)