Session 1: What Every Clinic Worker Needs to Know About Gender-based Violence

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  • Understand definitions of various forms of GBV
  • Understand core concepts related to GBV - gender, power, use of force, and consent.
  • Understand the health consequences of GBV
  • Understand the barriers survivors face to accessing care, and why GBV is underreported
  • Understanding the survivor's experience, reflecting on values ​​and beliefs
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of one's beliefs and values, and demonstrate behaviors and understand values ​​contributing to a safe & supportive service culture.
  • Recognize the importance of compassion and empathy of supporting survivors to heal
  • Understand the role of clinic staff
  • Know the guiding principles and understand how to apply them in practice


Facilitator Guide



Participant handouts

Key Messages

  • Gender-based violence is a harmful act, related to power, coercion, force, gender inequality and without consent
  • Gender-based violence causes suffering and health consequences
  • Harmful beliefs and attitudes can worsen the suffering of survivors
  • Our role as health care workers is to provide supportive, compassionate health care
  • Health care providers should provide care based on the guiding principles

Required Supplies & Materials

  • Projector
  • Laptop
  • Pen and blank paper workbook for each participant
  • Space for small group discussion
  • Space for groups to move around
  • Wall to post flip charts
  • Paper
  • Sticky tack, tape or post-it notes
  • Pens, markers
  • Flip chart or white board
  • Print outs of activities – depending on which activities you choose

Further Resources For Facilitators (Optional)

  • Sex and gender:

IOM LGBTI Terminology Guidance

  • Guiding principles:

WHO 2020 Clinical management of rape and intimate partner violence survivors Developing protocols for use in humanitarian settings, pg 4

UNFPA 2019 The inter-agency Minimum Standards for Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies Programming, pg xi