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Increasing our work in Syria

After ten years of a war that is not over yet, Syria is in ruins. 6.7 million people are on the run in their own country, and 13.4 million are dependent on humanitarian aid to survive. NCA recently opened a own office and we are working to upscale our...

Millions on the brink of famine

In November 2021, the Somali Government declared a state of emergency and since then, the acute food shortage has affected hundreds of thousands more. NCA is now up-scaling efforts to bring clean and safe water to the hardest-hit areas.

A tough future for Tiya

In the village of Dama in Malawi, Tiyankhulenji Richard just wants to go to school, but her family needs her to take care of the household. NCA is now working to build a well and preschool in Dama to help make life a little easier.

50 years in Sudan

At the moment, 1/3 of Sudan`s population are estimated to need humanitarian assistance in 2022. Our NCA colleagues there are impressively able to continue working and delivering much needed aid in a challenging and complex contex

Major floods in Malawi

NCA is already on the ground handing out tents to those that lost family members, houses and crops after storm Ana hit Malawi on Monday last week.

"Inequality kills"

The new Oxfam Report "Inequality Kills" describes how inequality in the world has accelerated enormously during the pandemic the last two years. NCA believes the report should be a wake-up call for all politicians.

New report- Norway can contribute to fair tax systems

Eight Nordic organizations, including NCA, are behind the new report "Quality Tax Aid", which raises questions about whether tax assistance channelled through multinational channels achieves the goals and is well enough sharpened.