Aid under Pressure

Norwegian Church Aid has been advocating for the primary objective of aid being poverty alleviation. In this report, we shed light on the ways in which new global challenges and concerns are increasingly being financed by the aid budget.


Photo: Norwegian Church Aid. 

Read the report Aid under Pressure (pdf)

We are concerned that we send the bill for our own emission to the poor, that vaccines developed are funded by aid budgets that benefit ourselves more than the world poorest countries, that our own private sector benefits more since evidence on effect on poverty cannot be documented. With the war on Ukraine, domestic costs for refugees arriving to Norway might further deplete resources for aid in the global south.


An aid budget of 1% cannot realistically absorb these costs. We ask the Norwegian government to:

  1. Confirm that reduction of poverty remains the main objective in Norwegian development assistance
  2. Not to use the aid budget to fix problems that Norway itself has contributed to creating
  3. Fund global common goods that are not aid using other funding mechanisms